Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Well, I got nothing. So here are some pictures from Winterfest this weekend with the youth. John enjoys torturing the youth when they get out of line. Beth spent the next 10 mins. in the bathroom cleansing herself after John was done with her. I guess she didn't care for John's feet.


Neena said...

Good pics!!

summer said...

i know ya'll had a blast. i have to come next year. i forgot how much i miss winterfest (and youth ministry......) i just wish it would be easier for me to volunteer with you and get involved with the youth here more. oh well, if you think of a way i can be invilved, let me know.

Christopher Brown said...

I stepped on somebody's neck once.

Cyndy Brown said...

I wish I had known you guys were so close to me all weekend, I would have come to see you at Winterfest or something.