Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm an AUNT!!!

I’m now an AUNT! Ok, well I have been an aunt for 6 weeks, but now it feels real. This past weekend John & I went to El Paso, TX to see our 6 week old niece which is John’s brother’s daughter. She is just the cutest thing, and has almost as much hair as I do!
We really had a wonderful time, we hadn’t seen John brother (Richard) or his wife (Melissa) since John preformed their wedding in December of 2004, so it was definitely an overdue visit. The whole weekend was about relaxing with Richard & Melissa and getting to see our precious niece. Her name is Catherine Elizabeth, but we call her Katie. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

PS: No comments about how good John or I look with a baby in our arms…we still have 3 years before any of that!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

the Waiting Game

Well, I know it has been a long over due update but not much is going on. I feel like I am just in a waiting phase. Do you know what I mean? I keep preparing for stuff, and planning for stuff that won’t happen until…well until someone else does something. Waiting on other people, other committees, the church, and time itself. I feel like it should be fall already, at least October. I really wish it was fall, and then maybe we could get out of these 100 degree days.
We are still waiting to find out where the church will move us when they tear down our house, which is supposed to happen by Oct. 1st. If you wonder why we are waiting, it is because our housing is part of our salary here, which is awesome and means we can stay in Highland Park instead moving out to Rockwall (45 min away) like most of our staff. So, we wait.
Also, our church is kicking off a new Sunday morning schedule with a new children’s ministry program, which we are so excited about. We are going to an hour of Sunday class instead of a 90 min. Sunday class, who wouldn’t be happy? But it doesn’t start for a couple of weeks, at which time I will gain a middle school teacher (YEAH for Summer) who is our new youth volunteer…let me rephrase that, ONLY youth volunteer! Which we are so excited about! So, we wait.
And last, our offices still have not been restored. Six months after the flood we are still crowded into a classroom. But plans are in work and hopefully before they tear down the youth house, we will be able to have offices because where our temporary offices are is where the youth are going to meet when the house is torn down. So, we wait.
I am so sick of waiting.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Chilly 49 Degrees

12 hour drive what? I would have driven 20 hours for this weather! Praise God for mountains, rain, 49 degrees, and no cell phone signal. It has pretty much been raining the whole time we have been here but oh it is so beautiful. We are having so much fun, LeVondrick is here with us and 8 of our students and they are freezing their little patooties off! It is a wonderful week, and I looked up the weather in Dallas and its 101 degrees today.
Oh, and today marks mine and John’s 2 year anniversary at Preston Road Church of Christ…and they still like us! What a wonderful way to spend our anniversary as youth minister too. Well that’s it, enjoy the pictures.