Tuesday, July 31, 2007

this Summer & 3 Years!

John & I have had a wonderful summer and have been able to spend time with so many of you that mean so much to us. I am excited to finally be home for at least a week and get all of the laundry done without packing it again right away. We have three weeks of camps, a week in El Paso visiting our one year old niece, a week in Caldwell visiting the in-laws, and some time in Lubbock visiting friends in between camps. And now we are home until we go back to Lubbock and before a church wide retreat. I get tired just thinking about all of the traveling. It has by far been our best summer here though.

Tomorrow, August 1st will by mine & John’s 3rd year anniversary here at Preston Road in Youth Ministry together. Even though most people still do not understand that, yes I am a full time youth minister at the church too…along with John. I don’t know when a youth minister should feel like they have their ministry running like a well oiled machine, but I absolutely do not feel like that. And I have heard this saying that you know that your ministry is healthy and doing well when you (the minister) can be gone for a month and everything still work and move on as usual…if we were gone for a month nothing would be done! I am a little sad about what that might say about our ministry, I just now after three years feel excited about some of the new plans we have for the youth ministry and just recently have begun to feel at home more and more here. It is the first time in a long time that I can honestly say we are not tempted by other ministry offers, not simply because of the obligation we feel to this church but now because it is home.

I hope you enjoy some of these pictures and I will attempt to update more each week on the details and excitement of our summer, there are some great stories. Happy 3 Years to Us!