Monday, February 19, 2007

Cannon Ball

Ok, I got enough complaints about not updating my blog that I guess I have to, even though most of the people that complained don’t even comment on my page…so I expect some comments people!

Well we are doing great, we spent some time in Lubbock for Master Follies which was a blast and we were able to visit with some friends and mentors that have played big roles in helping us become who we are. This past weekend we spend the majority of our time with some of our favorite Dallas people and their kids, which are the cutest in the world. There is nothing like hearing a child scream your name in excitement to see you walk in the room, or have one run to you and pass John (just kidding), it is so great.

But the real craziness of our weekend came last night at the church wide talent show. (For legal reasons and job security I claim not part in this stunt.) At the talent show during a time when our worship minister was about to introduce the next act two of our girls did cannon balls into the baptistery! After which their parents held up signs that scored their jump (10.0 9.7 and so on). And the best part was that we, I mean they didn’t tell a single soul it was going to happen. Oh the greatness of it and shock on everyone’s faces were priceless. Although from what audience members tell me our worship minister was speechless and had the most amazed look on his face. I wish I had pictures for this story; I will have to check with some of the audience to see if anyone got this shot. Oh, and yes the inspiration for this stunt came from the utub video on the internet.

So is that a good enough update to get some comments?