Monday, September 24, 2007

Here's to All Nighters

For some reason much to mine and & John’s dismay the most attended and anticipated event in our youth ministry is the Middle School Lock-In…they only happen once a semester but we are asked when will be the next one beginning the day after the last one.

This past Friday was our Fall Middle School Lock-In and once again our students amazed us and broke the record attendance from the last lock-in. 22 out of our 31 Middle School students came to the Lock-In and they brought 37 friends! Can you believe that?

Over all the Lock-In went GREAT! We had a only one injury (a broken toe) and only one dramatic angry girl, but both stayed through the night. We had tons of help from parents and other young couples that all have a new respect for the fact that John & I stayed up the entire night and did clean up. The Lock-In was from 8pm-8am and we went to bed at 9:30am pretty good for all the kids we had. The majority of the night was playing Capture the Flag and Murder in the dark church building, which I must admit I enjoy almost as much as the middle students.

I think we have pretty much recovered on our sleep, but I feel a sinus infection coming on…you know its like the day before or maybe even two days before you get sick. Nothing really sounds good to eat, the pressure around the nose, drowsiness, and a funny taste in your mouth. But I already started on Clariton D so hopefully I can get this thing nixed before it starts.

OH, and we are back in our offices. It took one week and two days to get back into our flooded offices…way better then the 16 months that it took last time.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Flood 2007

Here are some great pictures! And guess what though these picture may look like they are the office flood picture from a year and half ago NO, these are from today! 5 Inches deep in water, not just mine and John's offices but also the rest of the staff and the youth classroom. And we just moved back into these offices in May! Have fun looking.