Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Winter Wonderland

This past weekend Dallas had the most snow it has ever seen. The snow began to fall early Thursday morning and continued throughout the day, John & I were both substituting in the HP schools. Stuck inside with all the kids going crazy thinking- we should be outside playing in this snow! This is not normal for Dallas! The high school, where John was at even went 3 hours without electricity; those students were really going crazy.

Thursday afternoon I picked John up from the high school and we both agreed this is amazing and we need to do something in all this snow! John really wanted a snowball fight, every time we drove past kids attacking each other you could see the sad longing to lob a snowball at some kid, and his pregnant wife would not play that game. So John finally came up with the solution that I could be part of, we would build a snowman, and not just a normal snowman of until we got tired of being outside but a huge snowman. So Friday afternoon we layered on our ski clothes and created an 8ft snowman, however Friday night John decided that was not big enough so on Saturday he added 2 more inches.

We had so much fun building this snowman together and looking forward to the many snowmen in the future that would be built with our kids. And the joy of creating this snowman increased each time we looked out the window and saw a family taking pictures with him or just stopping to admire his size. This will absolutely be something I always treasure and remember about our record snowfall in Dallas!