Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Baby Eli and John play with the new video camera.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A few sweet moments...

I thought I would update with a few sweet moments I have had time to work on, we have so many pictures it takes so long to pick ones out and edit them. In this slide show are his first bath, and just some sweet moments with dad or sleeping. :) Elijah is doing great! Growing so much, smiling all the time, and making some sweet sounds. I love how much he recognizes mine and John's voices! He is starting to sleep 6-8 hours at night, which really makes the days so much more fun! We are loving every moment of our little man.

Let me explain this picture, of course it is funnier to JOhn and I than it might be to ya'll but oh well. The left side is Eli trying really hard to stay asleep, he would not wake up for anything. The right side is after John had pestered Eli to try and wake him up, his little fist went up really fast- as if he was saying, "go ahead touch me again..." We laughed so hard in the moment. Hope you enjoy the pics!