Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Softball Play-Offs

Well it looks like the David Crowder Concert was not exciting enough to get any comments, so let’s see if this is exciting enough for all of you.

This past Thursday our church softball team made it to the play-offs, which is amazing considering last spring we never won a game. Our first game was at 8pm and if we won that game we played at 9pm for the championship. I must confess I am not exactly the key component of the team and especially since I had never played softball until this year and so my position is usually the catcher. First inning went by great; I even caught the ball when the batters struck out. Second inning, I am ready once again to prove my amazing catcher ability when the pitch is thrown, and the batter just barely gets a piece of the ball…the ball hit the top of bat, hard enough to put a back spin on the ball and WHAM! right into my forehead. I have never in my life felt such a blow to head, of course there was no helmet and I went down but not out.

We were able to immediately put ice on the knot (which was not fun in 52 degree weather), and after batting one more time I sat out the rest of the game, and the next one (since we did make it to the championship, and the guy that barely got the ball struck out after I was walked off the field).

I kept ice on the knot the rest of the night and the next two days, by Saturday I had some pretty hideous black eyes, to say the least I got some amazing three time glances from people, or simply blatant stares and John got some dirty looks…I think the fact that he is so tall and big didn’t work in his favor either.

After a lot of fuse from others at church on Sunday about my appearance, and a friend in medical school suggesting…I went to the doctor on Monday. She even said it looked painful, but the fact that I never passed out or vomited was a good sign. I have to check in with the doctor for the next couple of days but I should be just fine. Enjoy the pictures, the scrape on my forehead is where the ball actually hit.

Monday, October 08, 2007

David Crowder Concert!

This past week, John being the piddler (a person that piddles) that he is, found something cool on the new David Crowder Band CD. He followed the website and went through more things that only someone wanting to waist time would go through and found a certificate that fans can get signed by the band when you bring it to the concert. So, we printed a couple off hoping to get them signed at their concert this past Friday. Little did we realize that after the sensation of standing through David Crowder’s awesome concert the certificates we had printed off actually worked as BACK STAGE PASSES! The students we had brought were a little sad that we didn’t have some to give them but they lived.

John and I were able to go back stage where the David Crowder Band was hanging out with friends and family, it was great. All of the band members were super nice; of course we didn’t recognize all them and had to ask one which signature we were missing and which person he was. Though we felt a little bit like middle school girl fans and dorks it was worth it to meet David Crowder!