Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Love It! I Love It!

We arrived home on Sat. around 4pm. This little guy is amazing. If you don't know, he has already peed on me. He set me up with a poopy diaper and as I cleaned his bottom, he locked-on to his target and shot away. Direct Hit. But never the less, his skills are improving. He got his Nana (Crysty's Mom) the next day. He then waited for his next victim which happened to be his Aunt Cyndy. She came over yesterday as she held him in a blanket with his diaper on, He let go of the control valve and made it through the blanket through the diaper on her belly. "Score!" was what he was thinking. This morning as I got up, His Nana pointed to the couch were there was a spot. Yep He peed on the couch. Now with the last two, I am thinking there was a operator error on the diaper exchange. But he is marking his territory faster than expected. Elijah is amazing. We love him and he so beautiful (handsome). Thank you for your prayers and love.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

This is Amazing

Wow, it's been three nights in the hospital and now we are headed home! I can't wait. Not so much for Eli to be home, but for me to be back in MY bed. This hospital cot thing is not working for the back. Eli on the other hand has like 100 places to sleep here at the hospital. His crib, his mommy, his daddy (chest,arms,lap), his Paw Paw, his Nanna, his Grandpa, his Grandad, and his Abuelita. His last two days have been amazingly great. He is sleeping,and eating wonderfully. He is a big shutter bug (His cousin is the ladybug). He constantly shutters in his sleep. It could be triggered by noises, movements from us, or even just something he may be dreaming about. I told Crysty he is fighting crime in his sleep. There he goes again. Right now he has been sleeping since 9:30. Awesome. It's Noon. We are loving it. Thanks for all the prayers. God is great. The picture is of his Uncle Chris and Aunt Cyndy.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

More of Elijah


Elijah, Daddy, Grandad

Other Pics

Elijah Keaton

Here is Elijah. We had a great first night. He is feeding great and sounding great. I am doing great healing and enjoying time with him. All the grandparents were here and we were so blessed to have them here waiting and anticipating his arrival. My sister and her husband were also here waiting for him.

Monday, May 10, 2010

40 weeks!

It has come; I am officially 40 weeks pregnant on Tuesday, May 11! However Elijah has not even dropped yet so I have a feeling that we will be arriving for our appointment on Wednesday ready to meet our baby boy. Wednesday, May 12 at 5:30pm I will be having a c-section. My doctor believes Elijah is so big she is passing up the epidural and going straight to a c-section. So please keep John and I in your prayers as we prepare for this amazing life changing step. It will probably be a while before I update our blog again- but wanted to let you know where I will be.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Wishing & Hoping...

Today I am 39 weeks pregnant! The hope of my family, myself, and my doctor is that I will naturally go into labor any minute now. I had a sonogram last week that estimates Eli is already over 8.5 pounds, I know there is room for error but our doctor, as she gazed wide eyed at my round belly says she doubts the error is on the small side. It's amazing to think that at any moment God may decide ok, this is the time that Eli should be welcomed into our world- and bam, our lives are forever changed.

Tomorrow I go for my weekly check up and that will be the day that we make some choices on Eli's arrival, I think. I hope to go into labor naturally, the only reason being I have always wanted to have those moments of excitement when I get to go tell John, "It's TIME!" And then see him freak out, and go into a frinzy getting ready. Oh that would be so fun! But I am ok with however we need to get Eli out, I have peace about the whole thing, just anxiously awaiting.

Do you have any great stories, or heard any great stories on couples going into labor, husbands freaking out, or anything of the sorts?

Here are some shower pictures...some are from my church shower, and a few from my family shower.