Saturday, May 15, 2010

This is Amazing

Wow, it's been three nights in the hospital and now we are headed home! I can't wait. Not so much for Eli to be home, but for me to be back in MY bed. This hospital cot thing is not working for the back. Eli on the other hand has like 100 places to sleep here at the hospital. His crib, his mommy, his daddy (chest,arms,lap), his Paw Paw, his Nanna, his Grandpa, his Grandad, and his Abuelita. His last two days have been amazingly great. He is sleeping,and eating wonderfully. He is a big shutter bug (His cousin is the ladybug). He constantly shutters in his sleep. It could be triggered by noises, movements from us, or even just something he may be dreaming about. I told Crysty he is fighting crime in his sleep. There he goes again. Right now he has been sleeping since 9:30. Awesome. It's Noon. We are loving it. Thanks for all the prayers. God is great. The picture is of his Uncle Chris and Aunt Cyndy.