Thursday, April 12, 2007

What Going On...

Where to begin…last week I reluctantly flew to Nashville to be part of a Renewal Retreat for Women in full time Youth Ministry in the CofC. Lispcomb University pays for all of it except for the flight there. I say I went reluctantly because after having just said goodbye to my friend that moved to KY I wasn’t really up for opening up to and “bonding” with other women that I only see once a year. However as could have been expected God moved in and around me, and the three days I spent with these women was a wonderful and encouraging time. Though I am not able to see them very often I do feel like I know them well now and they are women that will continually be a strong hold in my personal ministry life. So thank you to all of the wonderful women that I met for the first time and met again.

As for Easter, it was a wonderful day. My dad spent the night with John and I, we had a couple of really good meals (Salt Grass & Cantina Laredo) that he was not suppose to pay for but did anyway. We made some new record scores on this awesome little bubble game that is on dad’s phone…we watched the Ranger’s Game while listening to the Mavericks Game, which if you know me then let me tell you the overwhelming excitement I could not hold back during that (hint: read with heavy sarcasm). And then we went to church on Easter, John and I had to be at both services. I read scripture twice, without messing up. And John did the communion thought, which was so great!

In the communion thought John compared the Garden of Eden with the Garden of the tomb that kept Jesus’ body. He spoke of how in the Garden of Eden, where Adam was the gardener our relationship with God became hindered, and when Adam and Eve heard God's voice they hid and were ashamed. To the garden where Jesus body was buried Jesus was mistaken for a gardener by Mary, in that garden our relationship was restored, and when Mary heard Jesus' voice call her name she realized who he was! I don’t do it the justice John did it, but it was a wonderful communion. I think as we get older and grow in ministry that John will eventually have to acknowledge more and more the gift he has been given in preaching and put it to work.