Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Me and My Memaw (Lou Sims) at her 88th birthday party, she is too cute!
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John & I with Allie, one of the girls in the youth group. She was a citizen of the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz!
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Monday, October 16, 2006

What a Weekend

Well I haven’t updated in a long time and I know Josh gets frustrated with that, so here we go. For a weekend off it certainly does seem like I was busy the whole time.
First, Friday (yes Friday is a day off for me) I substituted in an 8th grade Social Studies class. Which as tiring as it can be I really have fun doing. Out of all the times I have subbed only once did I not have any students I knew, this time I had a few and the others came by to see me. Oh, and I had this one guy in my class, an 8th grader never failed or anything and he was 6’5” tall!!! Can you believe that? It’s crazy I tell you. Then Friday night was HP homecoming, we were lucky enough to fall into some reserved seating so that was GREAT! And at HP every game is sold out and overflows so reserved seating is a really great thing. We left at the beginning of the fourth winning 63-0!

Saturday, we first went to a little boy’s birthday party about 20 minutes away and then drove back home so I could make some GREAT sausage/cheese balls. Then we drove to Fort Worth for my Grandma’s 88th birthday! Which was so great, all the family was there; dad, uncles, aunts, cousins, 2nd cousins, and my bro-in-law and my sister. There was tons of food and cake and my grandmother looked beautiful! I love getting together with my family, but this time my sister and I didn’t dress alike…incase you don’t know usually without planning it my sister and I show up in the same outfit, well one year she did it on purpose to me; she thinks it’s really funny.

Sunday we had church and class, in which I was met with some difficulty from a few of our middle school boys, which is not unusual just more aggravating this week for some reason. I kept the boys after class and had a talk with them, which is really hard for me sometimes. I don’t like being the adult that gives them a talkin’ to, John says it’s good for them to hear it from me but I am not sure it makes any difference. The students in the youth group even have a joke about my “authoritative voice” the joke being that I don’t have one. I find teaching a frustration sometimes too, feeling that I am not doing the lesson justice because they are not getting the importance, the intensity, or the understanding from what I am saying… do you know? It just doesn’t seem like they realize where the battle is, where the glory is, and where they are being invited to be. I did not find the solution from talking to the boys either, but two of the boys are teaching class next week, I am going to help them some but they both said they felt like the weren’t learning anything and so I offered them the chance to learn it from teaching it and they took it. So we will see.
And finally Sunday after church we went to go see one of our 7th grade girls in “The Wizard of Oz.” She was too cute and did great! So in a really long nutshell that is our weekend, great but a little busy.