Monday, November 26, 2007

Thankgiving...San Diego...Third Times a Charm

Happy Thanksgiving! John and I had a great time with Thanksgiving, we saw my dad and memaw on the Saturday before (made roast, quite an accomplishment!). On Thanksgiving Day we were with my mom & stepdad and sister and bro-in-law, and then on Friday we went to John’s parent’s house. It was a wonderful holiday full of family, food, relaxing, and stories.

The pictures here are not from Thanksgiving if you are wondering. The pictures are from our trip a month ago now to San Diego for the Youth Specialties Convention, it was an amazing trip. Though the conference was GREAT!!! With David Crowder Band and Shane & Shane, I must confess we still skipped a few general sessions to hang out with some wonderful friends. And my friend Beth had never been to an IKEA so Heather and I had to take her. The day before the convention we spent at the San Diego Zoo, which was wonderful! Enjoy the pictures.

Also, you will not believe what I am about to tell you…I am once again out of my office for a couple of days only though this time. YES!!! Believe it, our church offices once again took on some water, not near the amount the past two times but the basement is a wind tunnel at the moment. The water this time came from under the wall in John’s office, NOTHING was damaged though. Amazing how after two we have gotten the hang of it.