Thursday, September 09, 2010

I have returned from the wonderful life of maternity leave! I love my time at home with Elijah and being able to visit friends around town- it was amazing. I am so thankful to have a job that allows for 12 weeks maternity leave!

However I am also loving being back at work- I have completely renewed passion for youth ministry and feel confident that I am working where God has placed my heart. Also now as a mother (even though I'm only a new mother) I do feel like I even have a renewed love for the students themselves, knowing that they are someone's children and need to be dearly loved as I hope some day others will love Elijah.

Our fall at home and with the students has taken off with a flying leap! I came back the week we welcomed in our new 6th grade students, and the next Sunday we had 52 in class! To put it in perspective, the first Sunday John and I were at Preston Road (6 years ago August 1st) we had 5 students in class- in 2007 our goal for Friends Day was 50, and we didn't make it. What is more amazing to me is that it isn't really a huge income of new families either, it is simply our members that are now invested. Our next Friends Day is this Sunday, our goal is 80- I'll let you know how that goes.

At home Elijah has been wonderful! Smiling, rolling, and reaching are some of the highlights- it is amazing. And we have been so blessed to spend time with loads of friends lately. I had two college roommates come in to see me (well to see Eli, but I was there too). Traci and Neena each brought their kids and we had so much fun! It was as if we had not been apart at all- I love these girls and cherish their friendship so much. We have also had so many chances now to spend time with the Howards who have Kennedie(she is 10 days younger than Eli), their move to Dallas have been nothing short of the hand of God. I know it's not just for my benefit but sometimes it does seem like it. :) Lantz & Jessica shared their tickets to the Cowboy game last week, I have to say this is one of the first games that I have spent more time talking than watching the game.