Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I Have a Blog!

Well thanks to so many of my friends getting blogs I figured I should too. Not that my life is worth writing about every day, but maybe once a week. The youth usually give me at least one good story to share and if not them then John gives me some crazy stories to share also. This week I am glad to get into the swing of things in youth ministry with all of the students finally back in school, not that I am sick of spending time with them but let’s face it I am a person that enjoys routine and with student out all summer that is not really possible. We just moved our new 6th graders up last Sunday which is really exciting because they are the first class John and I have moved into the youth group that we already had relationships with, which makes a big difference. I am also working on getting out our monthly youth newsletter which should be sent out the first week of each month...which is tomorrow. And I am checking all of the many emails I have since our phones and internet at the church have been down for the past 2 is amazing how much we depend on the internet. What I am most excited about is the potential discipleship group that I am working on beginning with the middle school girls. I have loads of hope that God will do amazing things, and really create a strong community among these girls that will spread through the whole youth group. Well, that’s enough for this week.