Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Welcome to Culture!

Welcome to Culture! John and I went to Andrews, TX this past weekend, if you don’t know where that is at think about the farthest you can go and still be in west Texas and there you are. It is about 45 min northwest of Midland/Odessa if you know where that is. Anyway, John was the bestman in his bestman’s wedding…do you follow? Everything went great and we had so much fun spending time with the bride & groom and their families, they made us feel completely loved and special. The wedding was beautiful; I even was able to lend a hand with my expertise in bow making! We had great food from cookouts, to Buddy’s steak-fingers, to the most important some Bahama Buck’s snow-cones!!!! And no, Andrews does not have a Bahama Buck’s we got it in Odessa on our way from the airport. Oh man, talk about that best snow-cones ever!!!

Moving on from the snow-cones, I never want to live in a small town in my life! I thought that when I went to Lubbock to go to college I was moving to a small town but oh was I mistaken! Andrews consists of about 10,000 people…more people fit in a college stadium! Now I know there can be good small towns, ones that hold a quiet beauty, an escape from the busy & noisy life in a city but this is not one of those towns. J It is not even nice enough to call a desert, b/c still with a desert you think of loads of sand, cool cactus, ect. Well, think of a desert with weeds and you have Andrews. Ok, I think that’s enough.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


This is MY NEW TAHOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, a 2004 Tahoe fully loaded with leather, sunroof, quad-captain seats, a DVD player, third row, and 20” inch rims ride’n on the side. I don’t say this to brag, it is an answer to prayer! We have been looking for a new vehicle since February, and this past Saturday the dealership let us take it home on a test drive, John said if they can get the monthly payments to “this” much then we will get it, and they got it $27 under that amount. Whoa, God is good. The only thing we didn’t like were the rims, which John thought about selling on ebay and buying the factory ones. Each time we get out of it he says, “we have to hurry back out before someone steals those rims.”