Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Wishing & Hoping...

Today I am 39 weeks pregnant! The hope of my family, myself, and my doctor is that I will naturally go into labor any minute now. I had a sonogram last week that estimates Eli is already over 8.5 pounds, I know there is room for error but our doctor, as she gazed wide eyed at my round belly says she doubts the error is on the small side. It's amazing to think that at any moment God may decide ok, this is the time that Eli should be welcomed into our world- and bam, our lives are forever changed.

Tomorrow I go for my weekly check up and that will be the day that we make some choices on Eli's arrival, I think. I hope to go into labor naturally, the only reason being I have always wanted to have those moments of excitement when I get to go tell John, "It's TIME!" And then see him freak out, and go into a frinzy getting ready. Oh that would be so fun! But I am ok with however we need to get Eli out, I have peace about the whole thing, just anxiously awaiting.

Do you have any great stories, or heard any great stories on couples going into labor, husbands freaking out, or anything of the sorts?

Here are some shower pictures...some are from my church shower, and a few from my family shower.


Ms. Embry said...

Every time I get on Facebook or look at blogs I expect to see a big announcement from you guys... with John around I'm sure his birth story will be one to remember no matter how it turns out! Well, hang in there these last few days and know you are being thought of and prayed for daily!

Our Happy Family... said...

Yeah...baby Eli is almost here! I can't wait for you to be a Mommy!!! You are not only going to love it, but you are going to be an amazing one. Love you and praying for you!

Jessica said...

Okay-- first off-- Love the new blog look... super cute!

Second- love the pictures from your showers-- thanks for sharing.

Third- We are praying for you guys that Eli will come all on his own. We are praying for the same thing for Kennedie. I just know that God has a perfect time for Eli & K and that they're in good hands. I'm so excited to see him! Hurry and come Eli!!