Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm an AUNT!!!

I’m now an AUNT! Ok, well I have been an aunt for 6 weeks, but now it feels real. This past weekend John & I went to El Paso, TX to see our 6 week old niece which is John’s brother’s daughter. She is just the cutest thing, and has almost as much hair as I do!
We really had a wonderful time, we hadn’t seen John brother (Richard) or his wife (Melissa) since John preformed their wedding in December of 2004, so it was definitely an overdue visit. The whole weekend was about relaxing with Richard & Melissa and getting to see our precious niece. Her name is Catherine Elizabeth, but we call her Katie. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

PS: No comments about how good John or I look with a baby in our arms…we still have 3 years before any of that!


Ryan and Lesli said...

She is precious!!! I'm so happy you had this time with them!

Thanks for being with me today!

Love ya!

Robby and Lynsey said...

She is adorable!

And I really like your P.S.! I was definitly going to write something like that ... but didn't want the "favor" returned. ;) Glad you guys had a good visit.

cyndy brown said...

She is adorable. Now I can't wait to be an aunt!!!!

summer said...

hehehehe, you said it for all of us, didn't you!! i'm glad it was a good trip,
love you,

Neena said...

She is so cute. I loved all the pictures but I will leave it at that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Awww...she is so cute!! And you do look good holding her....there I said it!! Love you!! -Traci

Monica B. said...

Wow! She does have a ton of hair. Isn't it great being an aunt? Congrats!

Anonymous said...

wow, You look so comfortable holding a Baby. Do you want mine? Maybe we can work something out.