Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Chilly 49 Degrees

12 hour drive what? I would have driven 20 hours for this weather! Praise God for mountains, rain, 49 degrees, and no cell phone signal. It has pretty much been raining the whole time we have been here but oh it is so beautiful. We are having so much fun, LeVondrick is here with us and 8 of our students and they are freezing their little patooties off! It is a wonderful week, and I looked up the weather in Dallas and its 101 degrees today.
Oh, and today marks mine and John’s 2 year anniversary at Preston Road Church of Christ…and they still like us! What a wonderful way to spend our anniversary as youth minister too. Well that’s it, enjoy the pictures.


Robby and Lynsey said...

OH! Its so beautiful!!! I want to be there with you. Congrats on 2 years - that's nuts!

Ryan and Lesli said...

Oh just hush! This pregnant lady doesn't want to hear it! ;-) Just kidding! Glad you all are getting to enjoy the cool weather. At least someone is!

I am so thankful that you are at PRCC. I have been blessed by your friendship. I know I'm not the best at showing it, but I am VERY thankful that you have become one of my close friends! You're the best! (But don't tell Summer & Tricia!) ;-)

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!! Miss you here in TX!

Love ya,

summer said...

that confirms it!!!!! sign me up for next year. can i bring bret and the kids?? i'm so glad you guys are having fun. stay cool and enjoy every last minute with the kiddos. love you so much and am so glad to have you as on of my best friends ever!! (i read what you said lesli!!!) tell lavondrick we love him and give him a hug for me if i will not see him again before he goes home. take care and see you soon!

Tricia Parker said...

I read that...Lesli. I'll just pass it off as pregnancy delirium. ha ha. Crysty-I'm so glad camp was good and that you and John are all doing well. We miss you! I met a friend of yours at Alta Mesa a couple of weeks ago (I forgot to tell you - It was Destin Brannon). She said nice things about you so apparently, people everywhere like you, not just at Preston Road! Love you bunches, Tricia

Ashhog said...

Time for a new post!! :) Have a good week!