Friday, July 28, 2006

It's the Craziest Thing...

Well, once again we are off. We are headed to Pine Springs this Sunday morning at 5am, before God even wakes up. So when you get to church that morning at 9 or maybe even 10am you can think of John & I who will have already driven for 4-5 hours. But that’s not the crazy part.
We have 9 students going with us, which we are excited about. It may seem small but you have to remember this is a new camp for our church. As of now we are taking both of our cars, the Suburban and the Tahoe, which mean yes we are both driving the entire 11 hours and we are the only two adults going. Exciting no, doable yes. But here is the crazy part, for the past two days we have called pretty much every place in Dallas/ Fort Worth that rents 12 passenger vans…and no one has one! In ALL of DFW there is not one single 12 passenger van! Can you believe that? It’s madness I tell you.
So you might ask well just get a 15 passenger van, b/c there are tons of 15 passenger vans available…ah, but our church’s insurance blocked 15 passenger vans out of our policy b/c they are too dangerous and there have been too many wrecks in them. HA, but take three of those seats out and it is just dandy. I am just in amazement, have you ever heard of an entire city being out of vans to rent? I’m flabbergasted…what do you think?


Neena said...

I hope Pine Springs goes good for you. Josh and I drove two vehicles on the 12 hour road trip to Encounter and we were the only adults so I feel your pain. Can't wait to see you in September.

Ryan and Lesli said...

Thanks for your comment!

I am so sorry that you all had to drive that far without a break. I wish we could have at least gone to help with the drive. I've been thinking about you all day & hope you all got there ok. Can't wait until you are back in DFW!

Love ya!

Robby and Lynsey said...

ahh - Pine Springs! Have fun ... I wish I could see it again! Sorry you both had to drive it!