Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Little Help Please

Ok, I know you can't believe that I am updating my blog for the 2nd time this week, its a phenomenon, but I need a little help, any suggestions will be great. Except from Chris (my self proclaimed comedian brother-in-law)…I only expect clever laughs from your responses so don’t let me down now.
So every time there is a fifth Sunday in a month it is the youth group’s responsibility to present the children’s story lesson to them…are you still with me. So what it really seems like is that every time the children get to a difficult lesson to present they think oh lets just hand it off to the youth…for example past lessons we have had to present include the Beatitudes and 1 Corinthians 13…to 4yrs-10yrs old. So this time it is actually a story which is great, but it is the story of Jesus driving out an evil spirit from a man (Mark 1:21-28). Hello, all of the little kids are going to running out of class either acting like demon possessed kids or their parents are going to be tucking them into bed and they are going to start crying from fear of being possessed by the demon under their bed.
So, this is where you come in, any suggestions on how to present this lesson and take up 15 minutes of time with out scaring these precious children of God. I mean really, I am interested to hear from you…so if you read this I want to hear from you…lets see how creative you are…I expect at least like 10 comments this time guys.


Josh said...

Ok here's a shot in the dark. What if you spun the story in the direction of (drum roll please): How powerful Jesus is, that nothing is more powerful them Him, not even ugly, scary, gross demons. You could even have the little "chillins" (southern for children...I know you laughed) tell stories of how Jesus has been that strong in their life...warning: some stories may be long, way off the point, and super funny. Point being that they're think of Jesus as a big strong protector and making it personal.

There, that was my shot in the dark...hope a aimed well;)

lauryn said...

um, whoever josh is, i think that's a great idea. crysty, you've posted pics on all your other entries. you don't have any pics of demon posessed kids?? i'll lend you a few of mine ...

yea for winterfest! we're going in feb, driving all the way up to gatlinburg. what church was it held out? i heard it was in arlington?


Christopher Brown said...

easy......this can be settled with a one word solution: