Monday, January 30, 2006

How It Went

Well thank you to the few of you who lent me some ideas. Josh we must be thinking alike b/c after I had finished writing the lesson for it I looked at your answer and it was pretty much the same.
We started off the class with questions about what POWER is and who is powerful…of course at first they gave “church” answers but then we got them started on their favorite super heroes…batman, superman, spiderman. And then we asked them about being scared, what they were scared of, why they were scared, and who helped them. That is how we introduced the story, and then we had some students act it out…a 6th grade girl play Jesus, a 8th grader being the man that was possessed by the evil spirit, and a 6th grade boy played the evil spirit that was attached by piggy back and evil by beating him while on piggy back. The kids’ favorite part was when the evil spirit fell dramatically to the floor. And we concluded that Jesus is more powerful then anyone, even batman, and we don’t have to be scared because he is powerful.
Thanks for your suggestions, Chris I would have gone with puppets next. And here is the closest thing I could find to a picture of a person possessed by an evil spirit, it is John after I cast the evil spirit out of him.


Monica B. said...

I bet there's a pretty funny story of how John got like that. Even if there's not a good story, it's still a pretty funny picture. I can't wait to see you!

Neena said...

I'm glad it went well. I would have commented, but I looked at your blog on Saturday and I thought it would have been to late. Sorry. Have fun at Masterfollies. I will miss ya'll.

summer said...

well, micah was very compimentary of the lesson, so you all must have done a great job getting the point across. he was talking nonstop about it all the way home sunday. he said, "momma, jesus is more powerful than batman(making a strong motion with his arms). so that means he is really, really, really, really, powerful!" he got the point i think! thank you for teaching our kids and making it fun, applicable and entertaining!
love you!

Christopher Brown said...

It's too cold outside for John to be wearing flip flops. I support flip flops with my whole heart. But even I acknowledge they should not be worn from November until March.

Long Live America.

cyndy brown said...

I'm so glad your lesson with the children went well. I did not come up with any ideas to help you out. On another note, how did John break his chair? Was he hurt? It looks like he had to of hit his head on that cabinet. At least he's smiling!

Anonymous said...

Crysty, its time for an update! ;-)Love ya! Rachel