Thursday, January 12, 2006

LaVondrick's Week

Another crazy busy week, the day after we returned from the youth ski trip John and I flew LaVondrick into Dallas to celebrate a late Christmas with him. If you don’t know who LaVondrick is, he is John’s little brother from the Big Brother program. John and LaVondrick were matched four years ago while John and I were in college in Lubbock; LaVondrick is now 12 years old. They even have won Big Brother of Texas together in 2003. We usually try and bring LaVondrick out here 2 or 3 times a year, which means for one week 2 or 3 times a year John and I become responsible for this kid completely. What a scary thought, I can honestly say I am not ready to have a 12 year old, good thing they start younger.
Although it is a difficult adjustment for John and I, I believe that it is far more difficult for LaVondrick. To imagine the life style change from his home to ours is crazy. You see in Lubbock he lives with both parents (this month) as well as 2 sisters, a grandmother, a cousin, sometimes an uncle or who ever else in the family needs housing at the moment…all in a two bedroom duplex. He said he doesn’t like to share a room with his cousin b/c he isn’t nice so LaVondrick sleeps on the couch. In his daily routine there really are not any rules, any set times to eat, or anyone that he really has to answer to. As well as he cannot trust his own family in his house with his belongings b/c they end up “missing.”
And then John & I fly him to one of the wealthiest areas of Dallas, where all he has been taught is to want more, & think of what he could do with more money if it was his. In one week we try and teach him as much as we can, about Christ-like values, education, social skills, poor grammar, and manners. I am not saying we do any good by doing this, we may even be doing damage, I don’t know. It is just so sad because there is so much that we wish we could give and opportunities to prepare him for but everything we hope for him seems to disappear once he goes home, even the things we have bought for him. Our only hope, our only impact…the love that Christ overflows from us to him. No matter how we burden him and overwhelm him, he continually asks when he can come back, and cries every time he leaves. Praise Jesus for His perfect love. Do you have any stories or thoughts?


Neena said...

I don't have any stories, but I'm so glad that you do this for him. I know God is using you to get to LaVondrick. I am amazed at how well you keep in touch with him. I'm so glad and has you and John to learn from. I bet those values stick with him even if it doesn't seem like it. To have people that care enough about you to fly you out and just spend time with him always has an impact on a person. Ya'll are great role models for him.

summer said...

i am confident you and john are doing incredible good for him. you are his safe place, his rescuers, his bible, his "jesus". his life will forever be impacted not only by what you have done for him and been to him, but also by the things you have opened his eyes to that he would have most likely, never known before. but you amaze me most with the ability to let him go back to his life each time. that's where i would not be as strong as the two of you are. and though i may not think so, he is most likely better off being with his real family than ripped away from it and taught that they were not "good enough" for him. i admire you so much for the love and wisdom you give to lavondrick. micah cried and cried when he realized lavondrick wasn't coming back (for a while). i love you guys. thanks for loving lavondrick and allowing us the privelege of loving him too,

Cyndy Brown said...

LaVondrick is truly blessed to have you and John in his life. I think it is incredible that LaVondrick has continued to be a big part of your lives, even though he lives hundreds of miles away. That he has the love of you and John must mean more to LaVondrick than he will ever be able to show you. I think you and John are helping LaVondrick grow up to me a wonderful person.

Christopher Brown said...

I can't really think of anything funny or sarcastic to say here that would "fit". So I am going to abstain from commenting on this entry into your blog.