Thursday, February 21, 2008

Valentine's Day

I would love to take just a moment to brag about John, my husband. Last Monday he had his wisdom teeth out, which was in itself a hard thing for him but a hilarious experience for me. When John was coming out of the anesthesia he started right away asking if he could have his teeth that were pulled- so that he could put them under his pillow for the tooth fairy. Not just once, but repeatedly he asked…I started to let him know that I was no sure if we got them- at which point John shook his fist at me, as if saying “oh, you better get them.” The entire 15 minutes that he was coming to in the dentist office I could not stop laughing, it was great, not even drugs can take away my husband’s sense of humor!

Back to the real bragging part, John had is wisdom teeth out on Monday and Valentines Day was Thursday, which meant John would not be able to really eat so our plan was to just go somewhere with good soup like Corner Bakery or La Madeline. Also, let me tell you John is not much for celebrating anything other then Christmas and major birthdays/anniversaries, and definitely not buying gifts for such occasions, it is just how he was raised and I can see the value in not buying things for everything all the time, it makes some years even more special and memorable. But he is the type that does bring home flowers or little presents unexpectedly so it all evens out.

Well, this Valentines Day after showering and getting ready I go into our closet to get dressed and John has perfectly set up a dress and shirt that he bought me! He picked it out all on his own and did so great! It was so special that he not only went out and got me a present but got me something that he really likes too, I mean usually it is hard to get an opinion on any clothes at all- but he went and picked this out! It was wonderful! It was a great Valentines and John made me feel so special that he cared about a dress for me!

And the picture is exactly how it looks on me ;)


Anonymous said...

Aw...that is really sweet of him...and the dress is really cute! And the whole story about the dentist cracked me up! Miss you! -Traci

Anonymous said...

Way to go John! I'm sure you look gorgeous in the dress, Crysty. Miss you guys,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, The foo get almost a month while I get one week at the top. Then I get booted for Popples, and Pound Puppies. One word for you wifey - Prioritize.

John Kimberlin