Monday, January 28, 2008

Foo Fighters Concert

John & I have these amazing friends, some of the coolest you could ever have. Their names are Edwin & Tami, and they among many other gifts, recently gave John & I two tickets to the Foo Fighters concert last week. It is amazing that someone would just give tickets away that they had paid for, but they did. Like I said these are amazing people we are friends with.
So last Wednesday, John & I made arrangements to skip church and went to the concert with Edwin & Tami (they had floor tickets, ours were in the first level of the AAC). The concert was pretty packed; I would not have wanted to be on the floor at all, way too much pushing and body heat and invasion of my personal space. Edwin & Tami are much more hard core then I am. The Foo Fighters were flippin’ awesome though, I didn’t realize how many of their songs I knew, they did great! My favorite part of the concert was the acoustic songs (still with the whole band but on the acoustic instead of the electric). And at the intro into the acoustic songs Dave Grohl (lead guy) begins strumming some acoustic riffs as he walks from the main rectangle stage that is set, down the cat walk in the middle of the crowd, to a circular band stage that is being lowered down from the rafters! It was so great, and once he got there, facing the opposite end of the AAC now he says to the crowd in front of him something like “I didn’t want to forget about you guys.” It was greatness, I really enjoyed their music and some of John’s dancing. Hahaha.
I had not been to a secular concert in years; John & I are usually too cheap to pay for the tickets that make it worth going. And even then we have only gone to Christians concerts. But this concert really reminded me how naive I am and pretty much sheltered by the church and people I spend time with I am. Not to my surprise, just a reminder. In between his great songs Dave Grohl threw in as much profanity as possible I think, plus a wonderful little tribute to smoking weed. I was a bit disgusted by it, especially the fact that it was not what he was saying that was getting the crowd rallied, but the profanity he used. I mean really “let’s all cheer for the f-bomb,” or “oh, he said s*%t, that’s our queue to scream.” That small part of the concert though is simply a good reminder of the world around me I think, not the reality but the world. I am glad I went, and so thankful to Tami & Edwin for giving us amazing seats at the concert!


Marta said...

What fun! Glad y'all had a good time! Was so good to see you when you were here!

Tricia said...

Hi Crysty! I love it when you update your blog, since I never see you. Sounds like it was an awesome concert. I'm so glad you guys got to go.

Ashhog said...

Looks like ya'll had fun! I haven't been to a concert in years. And I totally understand about the cussing thing. It annoys me when its in a really good movie-I mean it doesn't add anything to the movie so why can't they just leave it out? :) Hope everything is good with you!

summer said...

it is amazing just how different life is out there in the secular world. i am reminded of this when bret and i go out alone. many times we will go to some sort of live music place that is usually a bar. i always feel so out of place and glad to be married to a real gentleman and god loving man. i'm so glad you got to go. now what can bret and i come up with to give you guys as a gift...i about a night with our kids as entertainment?!!! haha... just kidding. loveyou,

Josh said...

so your check is in the my 360???

Anonymous said...

Enough with the Foo! UPDATE!