Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Trove of Teasures

Two weeks ago John & I got the itch to do some cleaning, and well there was no cleaning out to be done at our house- we have simply gotten rid of everything we can. It is an amazing feeling! So, we went to my mom & stepdad’s house to clean out the attic. A place that evidently had not been cleaned out in at least 15 years! The task was huge, but we did it!

Among the treasures found in our parents' attic was an Atari box (not the actual Atari but just the box), a Speak & Spell, a plethora of KFC & Wendy’s memorabilia (my dad worked at each place for multiple years) , a Light Bright, Trolls (in various sizes and styles), Barbie’s, some toy zoo like creatures that we could not remember the name of (one was a lion mixed with bumble bee wings, and there was an elephant mixed with something else), many Pound Puppies, and a long lost Popple (see 1st picture if you don’t know what that is). It was a great time to throw about 10 trash cans of stuff away and see everything from my childhood!

Did these treasures bring back any memories for you?


Marta said...

I LOVED Pound Puppies!!! My 1st sleeping bag was a Pound Puppies sleeping bag, I can still see it. I had a few popples too. What fun! And is this cleaning bug contagious? I could use it!

Crysty said...

I found the other zoo toy things! Wuzzles! Take a look.

Neena said...

I loved popples. I think I still have one in my stuff to keep from my childhood!!! Definitely I want to see you when I'm in town. I will be home for sure during the days, but I know you are working too. My parents will be working so I will be by myself during the days, but we can work something else out. I will call you or email you with the dates and stuff. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Wow...all of those things brought back memories. I loved my popples and I had a few pound puppies too! I remember the wuzzles cartoon...but I don't think I had any of the stuffed animals. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Love you! -Traci

Anonymous said...

If you ever get the "itch to do cleaning" again, come to my house!
Did you have a hugga bunch? I had a purple one. Mom said I asked for it for months before Christmas. She said Santa brought it, and I never played with it again. Ha ha.