Thursday, November 30, 2006

YES! It is COLD!

So the Christmas season is here. How many of you tempted the waters and went shopping the day after Thanksgiving? I did, but I was in College Station with John’s sister, Kayla, so it was pretty empty because everyone in College Station was either in Austin or at home watching the game. It worked out great for me. J And I am proud to say that John and I took an afternoon off this week and from having no Christmas shopping done to having everything done except for each other! Are we efficient or what?

And how about that cold front!!! I was so super excited to have the cold front move through last night, it went from 80 degrees to 35 degrees in a matter of hours…I LOVE COLD weather! We have even been out driving all over the place today in this horrible wonderful weather. My sister asked me today if I had trouble getting to work because of the sleet and snow (I live next door to the church, literally across the parking lot) and so I told her “the traffic was awful, people were moving so slow and causing back ups…but then John feel and I was able to go around him.” Hahaha, I know you’re rolling aren’t you?

Well, I am off this evening to put up my Christmas d├ęcor, last word we got about moving is that it won’t happen until January now, so I get to put up Christmas decorations. Maybe even watch a Christmas movie like “White Christmas” while I do it. Hope you have a wonderful beginning to your Christmas season. Rejoice always!


Robby and Lynsey said...

You ARE efficient ... I'm VERY impressed! I've hardly gotten any of mine done yet.

cyndy brown said...

I am also really impressed that you got all your Christmas shopping done in one afternoon. You must have been really organized and had lists and everything. :) And, yay for Christmas decorations. Hopefully you guys can come see ours in the next few weeks.

Neena said...

Have fun decorating. We haven't had time to do it yet. We'll see if I can get it done this week. I love the cold weather. It has actually been cold here too. I love it.