Thursday, November 16, 2006

Girls Retreat

The Girls Retreat was this last weekend, and it went great! I took all middle school girls, which I was sad that no high school girls went but it was still a great group of girls. My sister was one of the sponsors on the retreat too, which was really awesome. The girls all love her, and thought she was two years younger then me (even though she is three years older J) and it was really amazing to have her there when I taught and have her help. I taught on Deborah and realizing the gifts God has given you to use. At the end of class I had the girls make duck tape bracelets and write on them one character of theirs and is from God. They loved that part because we had like 10 different colors of duck tape. So the weekend was great, I am doing pretty great, and we are still waiting to move. Enjoy the pictures.


Anonymous said...

cute pictures

cyndy brown said...

I had so much fun on the retreat! It was a great time. I think I'll have to make it a yearly tradition.