Thursday, December 14, 2006

What A Mess!

Well, the tree is down, the wreaths put up, and Christmas is not even over! The day is almost here, what day is that? No I am not speaking of Christmas but at last…the MOVING DAY. Below you get the low-down of how our month has gone, though it may sound like some frustration, know that we are excited about the ending…if it ever gets here.

November 27th: our “boss” tells John and me we are NOT moving until after Christmas.
November 30th: John and I go to Ft Worth to get our Christmas tree
December 1: I put up all of our Christmas decorations and clean the house so everything looks perfect.
December 4th: Our “boss” (which is our elder) says he has some bad news; we might have to move before Christmas.
December 6th: We are informed our move out date is Dec. 15th.
December 8th: I pack everything that we will not be using for the four months we are in the temporary house.
December 13th: It is realized among our staff that the youth group will be moving into the building and out of the youth house NEXT WEEK (and the basement still isn’t fixed from the flood in March, which means we are already short two classrooms and the youth are about to take the next two biggest classrooms.)
December 14th: John and I pack everything else.
December 15th: MOVING DAY…I will let you know how it went.
March: Our hopeful move in day for our newly renovated home.


Neena said...

That is craziness. I can't believe you had to do all that. I couldn't imagine doing it all that fast. I hope everything is working out good for you now. Let me know how the move was. Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! That sounds like complete overload for someone who likes to plan ahead as much as possible!! Try not to get too stressed out!! Love you!!

cyndy brown said...

You guys are amazing for dealing so well with all of that on top of everything Christmas brings - parties and get togethers, etc.

Love you!