Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Have you ever done the “Day after Thanksgiving” shopping? You know when every crazy person wakes up at an ungodly hour to get the store that has all of the great deals. Well, I never had, I always thought those people are beyond madness. But my mom and sister were going so I thought well why not, I have never been and they (my mom and sister) are so much fun. So I got up at the crack of dawn in Dallas (which is 5:30) to meet my sister in Grand Prairie at 6 am, so that we could ride together to our mom’s house in Fort Worth and then go shopping. Well to put it politely my Thanksgiving feast did not exactly set well with my digestive system, or it sat a little too well. Anyway, my stomach started cramping after we had been at Target for like 30 minutes, but we trucked on, then mom decided I needed to take more medicine…oh my gosh…the worst taste I have ever had in MY LIFE! That is what the picture is from, my sister couldn't pass up the chance to take that picture. But I sucked it up and finished the stuff. Well by then we were just walking into Old Navy, and BOOM it hit. To spare you all the details, I saw nothing in Old Navy other then the bathroom, and was in there for an hour. And the line was so long for even the bathroom that I got sick in the trash can in front of everyone waiting. Oh it was so miserable. Will I ever try shopping the day after Thanksgiving again? Um maybe, but I will never take that medicine again…no way mom.


Christopher Brown said...

If I had some of that medicine here right now, I'd drink a whole glass of it if someone would give me $15.

I love medicine.

Cyndy Brown said...

Awww, I didn't know you got sick in the trashcan in front of people. I'M SO SORRY! I feel even worse for you now. I'm glad you got to feeling better so quickly though. Love, Cyndy

Neena said...

I'm sorry all that happened. I feel so bad for you. The picture was funny though. I never shop the day after Thanksgiving. After working the day after Thanksgiving in retail I won't ever shop. Glad your thankgiving was ok other than the getting sick part. Love ya!!

Josh said...

Ha Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! That's funny, I wish I could have been there. Sorry you got sick though.

summer said...

yuck! i'm sorry. being sick while shopping is no fun reguardless of the day, but especially the day after thanksgiving! glad you are better now!