Monday, November 07, 2005


Have you ever heard of or played whirlyball? It has to be one of the best games ever. It is basically a cross between basketball and lacrosse played in bumper cars, and not just bumper cars that you drive with a steering wheel but one that is driven by a stick. If you want to go left you turn it right, if you want to go right you turn it left, and if you want to reverse then you turn the stick 360 degrees…but don’t keep turning it because then you just don’t move at all, no really believe me. So we took the youth group to play this fantastic game on Sunday, it was great. I can’t say the pictures turned out that great, the color is funky, but I hope you get the idea. And I would have an awesome story about how I scored the winning point of the final game, by launching the ball from the opposite end of the court, but really you people know me way better then that. And me being the Christ-like servant I am, I only played twice and let the students play more. I know I know, I'm so nice. Love you guys.


Ryan and Lesli said...

I'm so glad you all had a great time! Ryan was dying to go, but had to write a paper. Maybe next time!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie, sounds like ya'll had a great time!We(Unc Gary,Brian,Kyle&I)had a neat day yesterday at the Nascar races!It is such an expierence!B&K really were awed by the speed of the cars and the sounds!Looking forward to our T-Giving family get together!Love you,tell hubby hi,Dad

Neena said...

I love whirly ball. I played it when I was interning in Garland. It was so much fun. No one else knows what it is so I'm glad you do. I bet ya'll had so much fun. We had a tournament when we played. Anyway. Glad it was fun.

Cyndy Brown said...

I would love to be a sponsor next time you guys go!

Christopher Brown said...

I am one of the top players in Texas at that game.