Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Fun Fun Fun

We had our first lock-in, but it wasn’t for the youth group. We practiced this time on the 4th-6th graders; they were great and even went to sleep! It was great fun, including relays in the worship center, a race under the pews and sardines in the whole church. I can’t believe no one was hurt or went home crying, no one even broke any of the rules! Talk about success. But the pictures you are looking at are from our youth Polar Bear Party, thats right, but this pool was heated! It was so much fun, the pool was 80 degrees and the hot tub was 100 degrees, while outside it was in the 40’s. One of the pictures you are looking at is my amazing husband who could fit 9 marshmallows in his mouth and still say “chubby bunny” I know, not everyone is as blessed as me. Although John says he was disappointed in himself, he swears could fit 11 last time.


Neena said...

Those are cute pictures. It sounds like ya'll had a lot of fun.

Christopher Brown said...

My dog (Lizzie) can put up to 6 golf balls in her mouth before they start falling out. I am guessing 30 marshmellows. And Lizzie weighs probably half of what John weighs. John should be ashamed.

summer said...

i 'm glad it went well! we love you and john so much. you were the answer to my prayers of friends in dallas.
love ya,

Josh said...

AH! Chubby Bunny...I love that game! 9 marshmellows (the giant ones) is my limit. I'm glad everyone had fun.