Monday, October 27, 2008

When It's Not Working

Well I am running low on energy and the ability to concentrate today, so I will try hard not to just ramble. I got up at 5:20am this morning to take a friend to the airport and now John and I are watching their three kids while they are out of town for a couple of days. But the kids are great; it’s the lack of sleep that is affecting my ability to focus on anything.

The pictures up are from my grandmother’s 90th Surprise Birthday Party. John & I provided the church building and the excuse for her to come see us, and all of her sons (my dad & uncles) provided the resources for the party. It was wonderful, truly a blessing to celebrate my grandmother, Fannie Lucinda with all of our family and friends. John & I were also able to make an Imovie of all of her old pictures and the whole family growing up, it was so special and fun to see our families go through the growth over time.

Here is something I have been struggling with the past couple of weeks. Four years ago now I started a Middle School Girls Bible Study that met once a week, the group was small (between 4-6 girls each week) but it was consistent. And those girls that I started with are now freshmen; they are changing the leadership of our youth group and are the closest group of girls in our youth group. This year I am continuing their study, which is now a High School Girls Bible Study, but I have also attempted to begin the next Middle School Girls Bible Study. This is where the struggle is coming in. At what point do I justly declare that the new Middle School study is not working out and disband it? It has been four weeks, the first week I had one student, the second week I had two students (but it was like pulling teeth to get them to talk, simply painful), the third week only one made it so we went and got ice cream, and this past week it was canceled because no one could make it. So where is the line in this ministry that I can easily draw, and say this is not accomplishing it’s goal time to stop, pray, and see what will provide they unity and growth for these girls. What are your thoughts?


ryanandlesli said...

You look so pretty! I love the new hair!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh..I like your new hair too! I don't know about the Bible study. Do you just not have very many girls that age or are they just really involved with other things? Maybe a different night or time would be better? It doesn't sound like things are working well the way they are you should definitely change something. Good luck with that! Love you and see you soon! -Traci

summer said...

seeing your beautiful face in the narthex made me miss you so much this morning!!!!! i miss you!! your hair looks so good. when did you do something different? did you go to your regular hair dresser in fortworth or did you go to someone new?
as for the middle school girls biblestudy---can you figure out the reason(s) they are not coming (i.e. they're too busy, they live too far away, they really need the accountability and encouragement of the h.s. girls, they're just not as interested). i don't know what the reasone(s) is, but maybe you could revamp and do something like a once a month thing---letting the h.s. girls lead it (under your supervision and guidance). this does at least two things. it gives more girls at an event and itgives the h.s girls an opportunity to learn how to teach and lead. the only thing is, if the middle school girls continue not coming even after that, then you could stop, so the h.s. girls don't feel frustrated, too. for example, the first monday night of the month (is that still when the night is) the h.s. girls host a bible study and then the next three weeks of the month it is just you teaching the H.S. girls. this may be confusing, but its a possability.

did i mention i miss you?! :-)