Monday, September 22, 2008

2 Floods and Some New Names

I am finally taking the time to update my blog, let’s see since I last wrote we have under gone some major construction at the church, the church experienced its 5th flood, John experienced his 6th office flood, we had our annual parents’ meeting, we have begun searching for our Italy trip plans and much more. I will just cover some highlights.

The 5th flood of the church was an amazing one, not the most amazing but one to remember. You see the new building was just installed with a fire sprinkler system that will eventually also be added in the old building, well a pipe on the second floor was not capped off when the water was turned on. For about 45 minutes pressurized water flooded the east side of the second floor, flowing freely into the auditorium balcony which then created a waterfall in the auditorium (which would have been so beautiful had it been made purposely). The water also came through the floors of the second floor seeping into the first floor and cascading down the stairs. So much fun! I could only laugh as we hastily swept water out of the balcony and second floor, praising God that it was not my office.

Last week John was interrupted in his work by water flowing through his ceiling tiles, we had to quickly evacuate his office of anything that might get ruined, nothing was ruined but his office reeks of stale water now.

Right now, I need your help with something John and I must decide this week. We have to name the three new youth rooms for signage purposes. There are two classrooms and a gathering/hangout space in the between the two classrooms. Since the two classrooms are separated by the gathering space I have been rejected to simply call them classroom A and classroom B. So what should we name these three rooms? I don’t mind some funny answers; I expect nothing less from many of you- but a few helpful ones also. They don’t have to be themed just simple.


ryanandlesli said...

Wow! Now that is a flood!! Wish I could have seen it for myself!

No ideas on the names, though. I'm not really creative like that.

Miss ya!

Sue said...

My friend Melody McKee designed it. Her link is on my blog. I have no idea how she did it.

That's crazy about the water! We were so sick of deciding things when we finally opened our teen wing, we just called the rooms 1, 2, and 3. Pretty boring, but it didn't seem to affect the spiritual lives of the teens all that much. :)

Anonymous said... guys really have a thing with flooding huh? At least it wasn't your office again!

No suggestions from me on names.....sorry I can't think of anything!

Love you-

Tricia said...

Oh come on, there's tons of good name ideas, and all with Biblical references of course! Don't settle for rooms A and B. IF you must use letters, use greek ones. Call them the "Alpha" room and the "Omega" room. Or do like people do in their homes, call one the living room and the other the den. Or call one the "upper room" and the other the "inner room," both popular meeting places of early Christians. Or you could call one the "hot" room and the other the "cold" room, all the while constantly reminding your kids how bad it is to be "lukewarm." You'll come up with something Crysty, you're one of the best youth ministers ever. Love and miss you!

Neena said...

I'm sorry about the flood. It sounded crazy though. I can't even imagine water spilling out over the balcony. I don't have any other good names besides the good ones others have said. I can't wait to see you. Only a few more weeks though!!! Yea!!!