Thursday, May 03, 2007

Oh I Thought the Day Would Never Come

What an amazing week!!! After two years of a simi-temporary duplex and then 4 months of living in boxes in a house the day has come and we have a HOME!!!! This weekend John and I moved into our newly renovated duplex, provided by the church. A member from our church graciously remodeled the upstairs of this 80 year old duplex, it was two 1 bedroom apartments and now it is one amazing 3 bedroom-2 bath-laundry room-living room-dinning room and incredible kitchen luxury home. There are still a few things that have to be completed and touched up but it looks amazing and we are so thankful that our time of personal transition is OVER!

Now we need your help, our dining room is too big to just have a table and chairs but too small to double for living and dinning...what do you suggest?


Josh said...

Home office? Small sitting area? Private quite space to read? Bean-bag charis, yoga...seems like sky's the limit here. have fun. the place looks great. Wish I could've seen it, but had way too much fun golfing with your beaux instead.

Lesli said...

It looks awesome!!!!! I love the idea of a quiet place to read! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! I know you are so glad to finally be settled!! I can't wait to see it this month!! Love ya-Traci

Lynsey said...

WOw! It looks like it was worth the wait! It is so pretty. I love your furniture, too! Very nice.

As for the extra space? Not sure. Any of the ideas above sounded good to me! Would you have use for a hutch? That would look pretty ... but may not be useful to you. Have fun deciding!

janjanmom said...

Get a giant round table. They can seat from 1 to about 14-15 people and would cozy up your space.