Wednesday, May 09, 2007

GroundBreaking and Offices

Another victory in my month! Do you remember more than a year ago when I wrote about the church offices flooding and the chaos that was caused? (refer back to blog on March 22) Well the chaos is coming to a close. This week after a year and two months our staff at the church is now back down in the basement offices, although all of our furniture was ruined in the flood last year and so we still do not have furniture yet, that is why I said the chaos is ALMOST over. We get our new furniture in mid June while John and I are at camp. But for the first time EVER I have my own office and my own phone.

On Sunday our church celebrated the official ground breaking for our new Family Life Center, which will provide a new Children’s wing, a youth area, high class kitchen, full gym with hard wood floors, and a commons area. We are so excited to see this day come, each minister had a part in the ceremony; John & I together said the closing prayer. John said he looked up during my prayer and saw most of the crowd covering their ears…he was obviously joking but everyone has really liked the joke around here. Also to help make it a memorable day for the youth we buried a box that was full of prayers from all of the students about their hopes for the new building and the youth ministry’s future.

The pictures above are our new offices, the room in the basement where the youth will meet (that should be finished in a week) and our land next door to the church where the new addition will be (that is our house in the background).

It has been a wonderful week!


Lesli said...

Yay!!! FINALLY!!!! I would say, "Now you can get back to normal." But since it's been a year, who knows what "normal" is!! I'm so happy for you all!!!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! I'm so glad that it's been such a great month for you!! Love ya-

Neena said...

I'm so excited for you about your new home and church offices. I am so glad I got to see everything when we were there. Now I can for sure picture all of it. It looks like your bedroom furniture fit well. Have fun in the new house. I will be thinking of you.