Monday, March 05, 2007

Mavs Madness

Well John has always been a Maverick’s fan but he is starting to go crazy. He has Mav’s fever, he has been craving to go to a game since the season opened and it finally drove him to buy a ticket this past week. He went to the game on Thursday and then on Friday went to Northpark Mall and got Devin Harris’s signature on this picture, but was so sad when he got to the front and all that Devin had to sign with was a blue sharpie instead of the silver. So what did we do on Saturday? We went to Plano to get Devin Harris’s signature again, but not on a picture this time. John had now had enough time to come up with a much better idea of what to get signed. So before going to see Devin Harris for the second time we stopped at shoe store and got a pair of the Converse Maverick shoes and bought our own silver sharpie just to make sure he didn’t run out this time. So John got the Converse signed and I got John’s hat signed for him. And then on Sunday John smoozzed (if that is a word) his way into Mav’s tickets for this Tuesday from a member that has season tickets. Although don’t ask me how the game goes because John has stopped taking me to the pro-games, he says that if I won’t watch the whole game on TV then I shouldn’t go to the game in person.

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Sue said...

yay snood!! Those were good times.