Thursday, April 13, 2006

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Nashville on a Renewal for women in Youth Ministry in the churches of Christ. It was such a blast and so great to meet other women that are in youth ministry full time, there were even two others that are a team with their husbands. There are now almost 30 women in full time youth ministry in the churches of Christ, two of which are the only youth ministers. Its exciting to see God's movement into teams of men and women. Of course you really should count all of the hundreds and thousands of youth ministers wives who work like full time youth ministers. :) Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend.


Neena said...

That sounds like such a great thing. I'm glad you were able to go. It looked pretty.

summer said...

i know like half of the gils in that picture from lipscomb days of bible majoring!!!!!!! see, that's why i wanted to hide in your suitcase!!! love you crysty and so glad you had a time of refreshment and renewal!

Christopher Brown said...

When in Nashville, did all the locals only talk to you by singing country western songs?

Thats what I imagine. They can't just say "Lets go to the store"

The have to sing "Lets go to the store" with a fiddle or a guitar that's heavy on "twang"

Katherine said...

Man, that is SO awesome-it is great to hear that there are so many women who are able to follow their passions and do what God has called them to do!! I love it...glad you could go!!