Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another Great Weekend

Another great weekend!!! This past weekend I had our youth group Girls’ Night!!! It was so fun, and 22 girls showed! So many more then we have ever had…we began the night by going to a place called Purple Glaze where everyone got to pick out a piece of pottery and paint it, then the store fires and glazes the pottery for you. After that we went to a family’s house to swim, eat pizza, and make smores. Once everyone was done swimming we returned to the church for some classic games that are totally great to play in a dark church building; like ghost in the grave yard, sardines, tag, and many more! After a few hours of games I put a movie on in the youth house projector and they were out at 4am. Oh what fun!

On Saturday John and I celebrated my stepdad’s birthday at a park with a cook-out and fishing. It was a great day too. And on Sunday our church kicked off its financial building campaign! In which they had John and I speak on behalf of the youth ministry on why this new addition is need so badly…I know, I got to speak in front of the church!!!! Up on stage…but don’t worry I didn’t read scripture or pray or preach. And praise God we already have one anonymous family that is pledging the amount for half of the whole building!!! Hope you had a great weekend too. And here is another Easter picture of me and John dancing at the park!


Neena said...

The picture of you and John dancing is so cute. You look really tan. I'm so glad you had a good weekend. That is awesome about someone already donating half of the money for the building. I know that feels great. We are in the beginning stages of building our first building so I hope it goes as well as yours is so far. Love you and miss you!!

Pieper said...

Hey Crysty...Sound like the girls night was a hit. That is an awesome idea for our church to adopt. I think that "big sister" type of example is incredibly important to the younger girls. The pics are adorable! Have a fabulous Friday!

Anonymous said...

Whoa look at that Belly on John.