Friday, March 10, 2006

Spring Break in New Orleans

I am so excited, John just left with 13 others headed for New Orleans; I leave tomorrow morning (Saturday) with a second team of 10. We are headed to New Orleans to help with some rebuilding for our Spring Break Mission Trip with our youth group. I am not sure if you remember but during the aftermath of Katrina our church housed some families in the apartments we own nextdoor and now the families have moved back to New Orleans. Although, one family did not have home owners’ insurance and so we are going to help her with things that need to be done at her home. Keep our team in your prayers as we are gone and I hope to post some great pictures when we return.


Neena said...

That's great what ya'll are doing. I hope it goes well for you. I know you won't read this until you get back though so I hope it went well.

summer said...

i wish i were with you all. i know you are hving fun and helping a lot of people. especially the teens. thanks for all that you do! you are on awesome youth minister!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Crysty! I hope the trip went great! I am going to call you soon to figure out if we can meet for dinner or something in the next few days. I also got a message from Art about him and some others being at your house Saturday?? Anyways, can't wait to hear about New Orleans! Have a great day! Love ya, Rachel

cyndy brown said...

Now you have to give us an update on how your spring break trip was. I wish you were going to be in town this weekend. Let John know I'll be at church on Sunday to support him!