Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I Survived!

I survived a night alone at our apartment. Now I know what you must be thinking, so what, no big deal. Well, it is an accomplishment for me. This past weekend John was in Seattle doing a retreat for our friend Anthony, so that left me here by myself… the reason that this is an accomplishment is because I am completely FREAKED out at night in our apartment alone…it is not that I am alone it is our apartment, I promise. In case you have never had the pleasure of visiting us allow me to set the seen for you.

Our apartment was a quadra-plex (4 apartments in one house), it was built in the 1920’s (old things creep me out), and the downstairs has been renovated into the youth house (where our youth have class & chill). We live upstairs and we do have neighbors but that really doesn’t help me much. Just imagine it, and 80 year old apartment (you think your place makes noises) all wood floors, windows everywhere, all the doors creek, and there are 3 doors that all lead to our bedroom…3! Who designed this place? One door from the bathroom which also goes to the dinning room, one door from a long narrow hallway from the dinning room, and the last from the kitchen right beside our front door, so take your pick on how you want sneak in on me, I mean really. And then the whole downstairs is empty b/c it is the youth house. But I guess it just comes down to me being a scaredy cat, but I did it and no monster got me from under the bed (of course the dust bunnies might have helped scare them from being under there J), and no ghost showed up behind me or popped out from behind a door (like John likes to do to me) so maybe someday I could do it again but not yet. And the picture is just to help you set the seen, it is not really my house.

Is anyone participating in lent? I am giving up sweet tea…in my whole life I don’t think I ever gone two weeks without sweet tea so this will be a big challenge for me. And John is giving up all cokes…which really he should be ok with. What are you giving up?


Josh said...

You're a wus...but just between you, me, and everyone else...I hate being at home alone too. It's just plain scary!

Lent: haven't decided yet...maybe I'll give up listening to people talk bad about coffee:)!

Neena said...

Hey girl. I'm so proud of you. I haven't had to do it yet and I'm glad. I did it in our apartmen in Houston, but that was different than this house. I will be freaked out when I ever have to do it.

I haven't decided on anything for lent. Josh wants me to give up chocolate, but we just got girl scout cookies that I love. So we will see.

Love ya!

cyndy brown said...

I think I'm giving up sodas. I was going to do chocolate, but I'm with Nina, we have girl scout cookies too and I've already had 5 tonight.

Neena said...

Hey Cyndy you made me feel better about eating a lot of those cookies. I always try to just eat one, but I can't do it. I always have to have more. They end up going so fast though.

Christopher Brown said...

I am giving up going to Mavericks games for Lent. We went last week and it was a blast, so it's going to stink but whatever. I am strong.

cyndy brown said...

Neena, I'm already on my 3rd box of girl scout cookies since Chris brought them home from work a few weeks ago. I'm addicted!