Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Little Practice as the Day Draws Near...

This week John and I are taking care of three kids (9, 11, & 14), you could say we are getting a little taste of what it may be like to have a big family. The kids are great, other than wanting to eat everything their parents told us not to let them eat they listen to everything we ask of them- pretty amazing. The schedule is crazy, and I completely understand why parents feel like chauffers. Each kid is involved in two sports and one is part of a school play as well, its a lot of practices to juggle.

A wonderful part of taking care of the kids is seeing John with them. I am sure it will come to a huge surprise to you that John is the "fun" guy between the two of us but also he takes care of so much, and enforces the rules when needed. Since I am 8 months prego John has been especially willing to take care of more than his share of duties with the kids, grocery shopping and the little bit of cooking we have done. I love seeing John with the kids, it makes me so excited to have Elijah here and begin our family.

We agree though the toughest part of this week is sleeping in someone else's bed, it is a horribly hard bed and neither of us has gotten much sleep at all, which makes us both so tired and me incredibly sore.


Jessica said...

This must be the family yall were telling us about. Wow- 3 kids and each kid is in 2 sports--- I bet it is crazy right now.

Sorry about the bed thing. It's true- that was so hard for us over spring break--- no matter who's bed you are sleeping in, if it's not your own then it's just hard.

Count down!!!! Are you so excited or what?? Love you and can't wait to see the nursery all finished up.

cyndy said...

I think you and John will be amazing parents! I can't wait to be an Aunt and meet little Elijah!
Love you,