Monday, April 28, 2008

Going Solo

Last year in March I wrote a blog about the core group of friends I had made in Dallas, I told you how great they were and how much God had worked in our lives through each other. The title of the blog in March of last year was “And Then There Were Two.” Because from the three close friends that I had here in Dallas- one moved to the west side of Fort Worth, and one moved back to Kentucky.

Yesterday, I said goodbye to the third. Summer and her family moved to Alabama, her husband was our worship minister and took a job at a church in Montgomery. To say that I shed a few tears is a huge understatement, but I am thankful for the sorrow I felt. It means that Summer and her family were an important part of my life here, that God has made me more of the woman He desires me to be through our friendship, and I believe I will be a better mother someday from what I have learned from her! Though yesterday was hard, and it will be sad to enter into the church not hearing her little girls yelling my name in excitement, and I am still sad for how our friendship will have to change- going from weekly visits to yearly, but nevertheless I rejoice and have faith that there will be many more opportunities for God to use new friends to mold me.

For this is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it.


summer said...

you have me balling! i miss you so much. i love you so much. 1 am so grateful to god that he brought you to me ro me exactly when he did! thank you for being such a great friend. we will have to watch air fares from dallas to birmingham. southwest flies into birmingham and it is only about 90 miles from my house to the airport, there. thanks for loving me and my family like you do. i am so glad that the youth ministry is really fourishing. you are making a difference in those kids lives. you are such a blessing to so many!! love you!

Anonymous said...

I know that you knew this was coming....but that still doesn't make it any easier. I'm glad that you have made such good friends that have been a blessing in your life. I'll be praying that God will bring you a new group of friends to encourage you in your walk with Him. Love you- Traci