Friday, January 12, 2007

Adventures in Winter Wonderland

What an adventure! We left for our youth group ski trip at 8:30 pm on December 28th. We were going from Dallas to Denver by charter bus without any stops. With almost everyone asleep at about 4am on the 29th I woke up to see how everything was going. To say the least we were driving in treacherous weather! The ground was completely white and the everything else completely black, the only way to stay on the road was to look from road marker to road marker…and between each road marker there was about 5 seconds that I was praying oh Jesus please show us another marker! Well, at about 9am on December 29th we were told that we were not going any further. We got snowed-in in Lamar, CO. Never heard of it? Well, don’t worry you aren’t missing anything!

We were snowed in for 3 nights and 4 days in the wonderland of Lamar, CO at the Cow Palace Inn (which is a Best Western). Though we were stuck and as each day the same report came in, that we could not leave, the 20 students we had kept themselves entertained with playing in the several feet on snow and then coming in the hotel stripping down to suites and going swimming in the indoor pool. We also had a restaurant in the hotel so we survived well enough. On January 1st, which is the day we finally were able to leave all the students had to help dig our charter bus out of the snow! It was quite a crazy site! When we finally did get to leave Lamar (or as our students came to call it LAME-R) we saw another youth group that had been on their way to a ski trip also and were snowed-in in Lamar, but they stayed in a hotel that had no restaurant, no pool, and all the door opened to the outside. The leader said that for two of the days when the Walmart and McDonalds were closed they ate at the gas station whatever they could find. They were with a Methodist church from Plano…so I guess God does the church of Christ more…Hahaha I am kidding, no really I am completely kidding. NO offense to anyone!

On New Years in Lamar, CO we had a midnight devotional outside while it was 1 degree. We all bundled up in our ski clothes (that got no action this year) and had a devo then took communion. Although our grape juice had frozen so it was more of a slushy then a drink…you think that still counts? It was a fun way to bring in the New Year! Anyway, it was an adventure and after that trip John and I went to NCYM in Colorado Springs. But I will wait for another day to write about that. Hope you have a snowy New Year too.


Anonymous said...

Wow ~ Way to make the best of things! I'm still sad for all of you that you didn't get to go skiing though. :(

Neena said...

I am also sad that you didn't get to go skiing. Sometimes trips that have a major change of plans can be fun. I hope you all still enjoyed yourselves. Love ya.

Christopher Brown said...

Lame-r is a way better name than Lamar. I salute that joke.