Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Good News, Bad News, Worse News

So, I have good news, bad news, and worse news. I will start with the GOOD news just to keep you in suspense! I went to the dentist this morning, my appointment was at 8:45am and I walked out at 11:30am. Whew, but that’s not the good news, this was my first appointment at a new dentist and she was GREAT! I don’t think I have ever been able to say that about my dentist but she is a member of our church, and she is so great!

The BAD news is that I have multiple things that need attention in my mouth, although none of them have to do with poor hygiene so don’t even think that. But I have a crown that needs to be fixed, a (yes a, one) wisdom tooth that has to be pulled, and ….are you ready I have to go to the orthodontist to see a about a tooth on the bottom front that is causing trouble to other teeth…oh please say I don’t have to have braces a 3rd time!!!!!!!!! If you look close in the first picture you can see one little tooth on the bottom sticking up higher then the others. And crazy thing, what I learned today is that your teeth will keep growing until they hit something to stop them, I just thought that tooth had been crowded out of line but my dentist said that when I got my braces off they didn't aline the tooth right so where the other teeth hit the top teeth and stop growing this one didn't stop until it hit my gums...which is still weird. (oh, and no my hair doesn't look that for real, that was a bad bangs cut & a picture taken 2 years ago...so don't worry).

And now the WORSE news, if you have been a avid reader of my blog you will remember when our offices at the church building flooded, and all of the fun that surrounded that glorious event. The flood happened on March 19th, the first date given to get back in the offices was mid April, then we found that the carpet had to be replaced, so mid May; then we found mold (maybe black mold) in the walls and now we have found asbestos that has been activated so a new date has been given, the earliest we will be back in our offices is SEPTEMBER! Until then I am in a church class room with two admin girls and one right out side our class and then four of the ministers are in a classroom on the second floor and John is sharing an office with the people that count money on Sundays. Oh, and I though sharing an office with John was hard but now just have a table and boxing…UH. SEVEN months like this.

Ok, so that’s all of my news for this week…hopefully soon I will be able to tell you where John and I are going to be moved to b/c the church is tearing down our house to add on to the church building in August…so it would be nice to know where they are moving us soon.


Cyndy said...

Uggh, I am so dreading when I finally go to the dentist. I have not been in too long and don't even want to hear what all they will tell me needs to be done. That's great that you like your dentist so much though! I wish you lots of luck in your office-sharing adventures at the church.
Love, Cyndy

Crysty said...

yeah, I was really scared to go, thought they would tell me I had like 200 cavities or something really bad. Well, I guess an ortho recommendation is pretty bad. UGH.

Robby and Lynsey said...

Ooh - good luck with all of that! NOt a bit of it sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand...I finally made myself go to the dentist this year....since I hadn't been in a long time. I had to have cavities filled and it was definitely not fun!! And I can't imagine being without an office. I don't think I'd get anything done, besides talking to everyone!! Love you-Traci