Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My Visits

So today I had to make my first trip ever to the SPCA, it was so sad. For those of you with cold hearts it might not be a sad place for you but oh, I couldn’t handle it. I went there because a week ago I found a little cat outside my house; it was starving and so skinny. Naturally we fed her, even though it was a bit of a food snob, probably because at first we didn’t have any cat food so we gave it a can of tuna after that the dry cat food really didn’t impress her much. But today I took her to SPCA in hopes that they can find her a permanent home. The family in front of me was bringing back a dog that they had gotten there 3 weeks ago but had bitten her husband and dad, and when they took their dog back the 2 year old little girl started crying saying they took my dog. Oh, its just too much to handle.
On a happier note, this past weekend I flew to Amarillo, thanks to my giving husband I didn’t have to make the 6 hour drive. I went to visit 2 of my friends from LCU, Traci and Monica, well it was suppose to be 4 but we will forgive the 2 that backed out on us. J We had a blast though, it is always great to be with familiar people that already know you so well, and it just feels at home. I would have a picture for you to see but, someone has not remembered to email them to me, so you will have to wait.


Anonymous said...

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Cyndy Brown said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that couldn't handle dropping animals off at the SPCA. A co-worker and me took 5 kittens and the mama cat there last year and cried the whole time. Too many people give up their pets because they "don't want to deal with them anymore". It was very sad to watch.

Neena said...

I would have had a hard time taking an animal to the SPCA too. That would be too hard. I'm glad ya'll had fun in Amarillo. Sorry I wasn't there. I bet ya'll still had tons of fun though. Love ya!!!

Monica B. said...

hey cut me some slack about the pictures. . . I was out of town until Tuesday night. Anywho, I had a blast. I wish you lived closer!

Christopher Brown said...

Maybe those animals should have done a better job picking parents.